Phast and Phurious 8

We figured the best way to experience the island was to go out and explore it ourselves. Renting a car was a good idea. Trying to drive on the streets in Thailand, not a good idea. Cars seem to be on the bottom of the food chain. In this lawless land, where motorbikes and tuk tuks rule, having a “full-size” car is a severe disadvantage. There is no such thing as driving on the right side of the road. I am not referring to their backwards laws about driving on the left. Rather I am merely describing their full on open road policy. No car coming means you go. Car coming means go faster. For a kicker, they throw in a few roundabouts, feral dogs, and elephant crossings.

We drove the entire island in a day while trying to embrace Thai radio. They seem to think that remixing workout video soundtracks makes for good music. Well, it does not. But it does make you dance a bit.

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