Leaving Phuket

We are sitting in the royal silk lounge in the Phuket airport as we type. About to head back to Bangkok for the night. We have all day tomorrow to wander around the city and then we head home. We leave at 1 am, connect through Oslo for 3 hours and then proceed to Newark. In all it is 23 hours of travel. We arrive at 1pm on the same day that we leave. Ahhhh date lines and time changes. We do believe it will be our longest day to date. Luckily the seats in business are very comfortable and the food is pretty ok so we “should” be fine. For now though, we are off to Bangkok. Will post more from the last couple days later today or tomorrow.


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  1. Michael Dee says:

    Love the iPad picture of the mirror and the iPad. A self-portrait?

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