Phun in Phuket

Donald managed to convince Jessica that it was a good idea to train Muay Thai in Thailand. We have both taken a couple classes in NJ, but it did not compare to the gym in Thailand. They take this stuff seriously. Our trainers (we each had one) barely spoke a word of english but they were great teachers none the less. The hour session was outside around 11am so it was hot and humid and sweating was not a problem. Then Donald decided to also train one hour of Jiu Jitsu so Jessica watched and took photos. Donald was not as good at Jessica at taking pictures. We think its because she was taking way more breaks so she had a chance to get some good shots.

After that, we took a cooking class just the two of us in one of the hotel restaurants. It was cool to see all the ingredients that they use and for both of us to make the dishes on our own and then get to enjoy them. We cant wait to get to the Asian market back in NJ and cook up a Thai feast of our own.

Muay Thai:


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