Back in Thailand

After the hustle and bustle of Cambodia, we are thrilled with the idea of relaxing at the beach. No tours, no guides, no plans. Just books, water, and drinks. We think we deserve it.

To get to Phuket we needed to fly through Bangkok, which might we add is a very lovely airport. Anantara is then just a quick 20 minute ride from the Phuket airport but it feels like being miles from civilization. The resort is beautiful and once again we have our own private pool. Honestly though, we tend to hang out at the “main” pool at the resorts because having people bring you drinks is much better than rochembeauing for getting up. Also, the views tend to be nicer away from your room.


The pool at the Anantara is really something special. I’m not sure who designed it but they deserve some kind of award: “it’s such a freaking cool pool” says Jess. The one down side of being in Phuket right now is the monsoon season. The rain isn’t causing any trouble. It is the red flags at every beach and Donald’s love of the ocean that is a minor hiccup. Jess understandably does not want to lose her husband (of less than a month) to the Andaman sea.

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